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Fanmix: bodies rust in motion, fighting night and day (Katara/Zuko)

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bodies rust in motion, fighting night and day
Katara/Zuko; Avatar: The Last Airbender

Warnings: Basically, an emotional rollercoaster. You know those motherfucking ninjas were not quite right in the head when they went on that mission.
Notes: Created because I need an excuse to create fanmix covers for katara_zuko's fanmix contest.

Featuring music from:
Matchbox Twenty, Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, Armor for Sleep, The Academy is... , Audioslave, Dashboard Confessional. 

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Fanmix : No One Can Stop Us (Zuko, Katara - TSR-centric)

No One Can Stop Us

A Zuko & Katara - Southern Raiders EP

title or description title or description

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Subject (s): Zuko and Katara, references to episode 316: The Southern Raiders
Title: No One Can Stop Us

Warnings: Mentions of violence in the songs.
Notes: Zutara or not Zutara. This isn't necessarily a shipping mix; You decide.

Featuring music from: Incubus, Audioslave, Dashboard Confessionals, Sing It Loud, Cartel.


Ty Lee/Haru Fanmix

xposted to musicbending, pink_earth, and avatar_fans.

So, while I was on vacation, I got incredibly bored and started putting together a fanmix for everybody's favourite crackship. 15 songs, a lot of them ridiculously cliche and romantic and I don't really care because any romance between them would be utterly romantic or would start with Ty Lee stalking him. So. Links, album front and back, and playlist behind the cut. Because I love you.

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ozai/ursa song

Characters: Fire Lord Ozai & Princess Ursa
Title: Sacrifice
Artist: Elton John
Download: sendspace

eta: Why I chose this song...

First off, it's Elton John and having grown up to said musician, I find his songs over the decades have a timeless appeal to them, somewhat like the appeal when shipping Ozai/Ursa. We don't know much about them but there's a whole range of possibilities out there. (it's two hearts living in two separate worlds...)

But the song. The word "sacrifice" is significant to this ship since Ursa did sacrifice herself for the sake of her son (whether or not she's dead is another matter). It's up in the air how Ozai reacted to her disappearance - maybe he sacrificed his humanity in order to rule the fire nation. (cold cold heart, hard done by you)

Who knows?

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